The Cantina

Settimio Spacchetti founded Colle Ciocco in 1935. The valley below is crossed by the Clitunno River and is dotted with ancient medieval towers, castles and towns devoted to art. Set against a backdrop of oaks and holm oaks whose colours change with the seasons, our hill Colle Ciocco is covered with olive trees and vines. Nearby, bathed in changing green, are old, earth-coloured stone houses and bell towers of old country churches. On the eastern slope, against the backdrop of the vast sky, the reddish walls of Montefalco emerge. Fortified towers and mysterious domes tell of the town's venerable past.

At the beginning of the 1990s, Settimio's farm management passed to his sons Lamberto and Eliseo, who have gradually increased the cultivation of vines and olive trees. The whole estate has been designed according to the latest winemaking techniques. Today, the next-generation Agricolà Spacchetti owns twelve hectares of its own vineyards and seven hectares of olive groves with the calcareous and gravelly soils at around 400 metres above sea level.

The Colle Ciocco winery's range includes Sagrantino (secco e passito), Montefalco Rosso, Montefalco Bianco, Bianco Clarignano and Bianco Tempestivo. The olive varieties are Moraiolo (80%), some trees are more than a hundred years old, Frantoio (15%) and Leccino (5%) with a total of around 3000 trees.

The olive harvest begins in the last days of October and the olives are hand-picked. The olives, placed in boxes to keep the stone fruits ventilated, are cold pressed accurately within 24 hours of harvesting. The selections of the extra virgin olive oil, called "olio di Montefalco", are Fruttato and Gentile.

We only sell our family's wines and oil here. With love, tradition and experience, sustainable products are created, in harmony with nature and people. If you are near us in Montefalco, please come and see for yourself.

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